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Before you purchase teak outdoor furniture, here’s everything you need to know about the “king of woods.”

What is teak wood?

Teak wood
Teak wood

Hardwoods like teak come from the Tectona grandis tree, native to south and southeast Asia. Teak timber is thick and has tiny grains. It is golden in color, and the grain and structure are smooth. Teak has numerous herbal oils and rubber, making it sturdy, long-lasting, and almost immune to severe weather and rotting, even if you do not handle it.

From what tree does teak come? 

It comes from Tectona grandis, also known as the teak tree. Tectona grandis is a tall, deciduous tree located in south and southeast Asia. Growing up to 50 meters and dwelling for 100 years, teak is covered for its appealing coloration and grain, sturdiness, electricity, and resistance to splitting, cracking, termites, fungus, and weathering.

teak wood plantation
teak forest under dappled sunlight, highlighting the towering trees’ majesty and resilience

How quickly does teak grow? 

Teak is one of the tropical hardwoods that grows the fastest. It grows about half an inch every day. A tree wishes, at minimum, 25 years to grow to full length and be ready to be picked.

teak tree grow
A tiny teak wood sapling pushes through the soil, symbolizing growth and new beginnings.

What sort of wood is teak?

Teak wood is referred to as “near-grained.” Many don’t forget it is the “king of woods” as it does not take in water, lasts long, and looks fantastic; it makes splendid outdoor furniture.

How hard is teak?

The Teak Wood Hardness Scale assesses wood’s hardness by measuring the force needed to push a steel ball 11.28 mm (0.444) into it. On this scale, teak is ranked 1000–1155, meaning it’s far more complicated than chestnut, poplar, cedar, white timber, and mahogany.

teak wood quality
 A-grade teak wood piece

Does teak last a long time?

Many humans think that teak is one of the most durable woods. Because teak has tiny grains, numerous minerals, and natural oils, it’s far more robust, lasts a long time, and doesn’t rot in maximum weather.

How long does teak furniture last in the end? 

A well-stored piece of teak fixtures must ultimately be 50 and 70 years or longer in the right place. Did you know that some of the oldest park benches in Britain are made of wood and are almost a hundred years old? Teak lasts a long time because it’s solid and durable. Teak looks outstanding over time and might cope with all weather styles, even though it has not been treated or preserved.

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Does teak get horrific?

Teak does not rot effortlessly because it includes many natural oils and rubber. It won’t rot for twenty years if left outside all year, even in the snow and rain. Because it does not rot without problems and lasts long in saltwater, it’s frequently used to make boats.

Does timber get antique?

The pinnacle layer of teak will oxidize over the years from UV rays and rain, turning it right into a stunning silvery-grey patina. This ageing of the teak is most straightforward for looks; it best modifications the wooden surface.

Is teak wooden proof against water?

Teak wood is famous for its durability and resistance to water. Even though it’s porous, it has many protective oils that keep it from getting wet, rotting, warping, or breaking.

Does teak face up to water? 

Even though teak wood isn’t water-resistant, it has many naturally occurring protective oils that prevent it from rotting, warping, or breaking when wet.

If your teak furniture rains and dries out, you might see water marks or dark spots. These marks will disappear over the years, but you can lightly sand the fixtures to eliminate them faster.

Does the teak get wet?

If you do not care for your teak furnishings, they will weather clearly and get a silvery-grey finish, making them look amazing in their natural environment.

If you want to slow down the ageing process, you can use Teak Protector to help keep the teak’s honey-gold color.

Why does the teak wreck?

Because teak wood is herbal, it could increase small cracks or splits, also called exams, or give up grain checking. These can manifest while the air and temperature alternate. However, it does not happen that those cracks or this stop grain checking will affect the electricity or structural integrity of your teak fixtures because teak may be solid and resilient.

Why does teak cost so much?

Teak wood might appear steeply-priced initially, but remember how many tons of teak are worth more than the cash you may spend. Grade A teak is robust and can face all sorts of climates. It also stays stunning and intense for years. Because of this, teak may appear high-priced to begin with. However, it is funded to last a lifetime.


Teak wood is an exceptional choice for outdoor furniture due to its remarkable durability, natural beauty, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Its unique properties, including natural oils and tight grain structure, make it resilient against weathering, rotting, and insect damage. Additionally, the elegance and longevity of teak furniture make it a valuable investment that can withstand the test of time, maintaining its functionality and aesthetic appeal for decades. If you’re looking for premium outdoor furniture that combines strength and sophistication, teak is undoubtedly the ideal choice.

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